The Lightness of Being
What is Yoga?

Yoga comes from the root yuj which means "to link, to unite" in Sanskrit. It is an empirical science, rooted in experience and practice, that comes to us from ancestral India. Many "yogas" exist including Hatha Yoga , the best known, with its system of postures (asanas), breathing exercises, purification techniques etc.


In Hatha Yoga, the starting point is the physical body and its energies. But beyond the physical form, the practice acts upon all other aspects of our being, holistically: the psychological, the emotional, the mental etc. Thus, by practicing Hatha Yoga, we explore our different inner domains, cultivating more awareness, connection and harmony.


Hatha Yoga is far from being a simple gymnastics through which we develop strength and flexibility. It is simultaneously a science, a discipline and a philosophy filled with wisdom which aims at the discovery and knowledge of the self.


"What is all this love and all this laughter?

It's the joyful sound of a soul waking up "

- Hafiz -

My Approach

During the classes, I will guide you through the practice so that you can learn new asanas and experience them deeply and at your own pace, gradually. The emphasis will be on relaxation, internalisation, and listening to yourself, not on performance. We learn with the practice to cultivate fundamental qualities: presence and open attention. This approach is accessible to every-body, regardless of your level. You will discover and familiarise yourself with the energetic dimension of yoga through the knowledge of chakras, these energy centres that are activated by different postures.


My Hatha Yoga classes unfold in three stages:

  • Warm-up phase to wake up the body and prepare it for asanas

  • Session of asanas (Hatha Yoga postures)

  • Guided final relaxation


This Hatha Yoga practice is gentle, contemplative, internalized and deeply spiritual. It develops in us an attitude of openness, presence, mindfulness and joy at all times.


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Weekly online classes
Saturdays from 9:30AM to 10:45AM

In these Hatha Yoga classes (level 1-2) we will discover each week new asanas (postures), learn to execute and hold them correctly so as to fully explore their full potential and develop an inner knowledge of the body and his energies. This Hatha Yoga practice is gentle, contemplative and spiritual, and teaches us to cultivate an attitude of presence, mindfulness and listening to yourself at all times.

The course will consist of three parts: warm-up exercises, asanas, and final relaxation.


Level: This course is designed for people with a level 1-2 (beginners included!)


Price: by donation

- Suggested donation: between 5€, 10€ or 15€, according to your ressources.

- IBAN for wire transfers: FR76 3000 3040 0503 9049 288 (Name: Déborah Blin)


Online courses: You can follow these courses at home via the online platform Zoom. To find out how to download and use Zoom, click here.


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Private Sessions
On demand

Would you like individual Hatha Yoga sessions, tailor-made to meet your specific needs - specifically your physical needs and/or conditions - and receive in-depth guidance during the practice, in terms of alignment but also energetically and spiritually? Or are you seeking guidance to set up and/or diversify your personal practice? I am happy to accompany you during individual sessions oriented to meet your needs and wishes, which we will have previously identified together.


Note that it is also possible to book private group sessions for 2 to 7 people, with decreasing rates.


Level: These individual sessions are aimed at anyone wishing to discover or deepen the practice of Hatha Yoga.



One session (1h30min): 45 euros


Online courses: These sessions will take place online via the platform Zoom. To find out how to download and use Zoom, click here.


For more information or to request a private session, please contact me.