Dark Retreats

A dedicated Space
"Darkness in darkness. The gateway to all understanding" Lao Tzu
What is a Dark Retreat?

Meditation in the dark gives us the opportunity to withdraw from the senses and look inward. In daily life we keep ourselves very busy, and are distracted by many external stimuli from work, screens, socializing, or even the beauties of nature. Dark Room Retreats enhance the meditation practice by shifting that impulse inward and seeing what is alive in us, diving into the depths of our being. It is an exploration of ourselves that can lead to many discoveries.

Kaya Kalpa (Dark Retreat) is an advanced spiritual practice that comes from the ancestral Ayurvedic and Tantric traditions of India and Tibet. It is an awakening practice in which the guru or teacher is darkness itself. The meditator enters a room that admits absolutely no light and spends a certain number of days in the dark in order to arouse deep states of consciousness.



For a more thorough perspective on dark room retreats from the

Hridaya perspective: click here.

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A dedicated Space

Two dark rooms are available for these retreats for durations of a minimum of 2 nights close to the Hridaya Yoga France center in the neighboring village of Saint Just d'Avray.


Although simple, the rooms, about 25m2 in size, are ideal for these retreats in the dark and are specially designed for this. They include: a good ventilation system, a queen-size bed, a small bathroom with shower, sink and toilet, a "relaxation" area with a table and an armchair, as well as enough floor space to practice yoga and meditation. There is a "food box" through which meals are served. Bed linen and towels are provided.

These retreats can be done in a solitary way, or as a couple: either staying in the same dark room or each partner entering one of our two dark rooms at the same time. They may, in that case occasionally meet, if they wish, during the retreat and again at the end of the retreat.





Individual retreat

  • € 65, - per night for 2-5 nights

  • € 60, - per night for 6-14 nights

  • € 55, - per night for 15-30 nights


Couples retreat (2 rooms)

  • € 120, - per night for 2-5 nights

  • € 100, - per night for 5-14 nights



  • € 20, - cleaning fee



To make a booking request, you will first have to answer the questionnaire (see below), and possibly have a preliminary interview.

Your Hosts


Deborah and Jürgen both teach at Hridaya Yoga France. As hosts, they will take care of you during your retreat, provide you with meals if requested, answer all your questions and guide you if necessary. They will offer you an orientation session at the start of the retreat, as well as a debriefing at the end of it.


NEWS: We are fully booked until April 2022 !!! And are not currently taking any new reservations. But nothing is lost ...

>>> We advise you to complete the questionnaire above to formalize your retreat request and thus join our WAITING LIST.

If we receive a cancellation for a retreat, which does happen, especially these days, you will be immediately notified by email.



Going into the dark room was like going into the womb, as far as I remember my time in the womb back in the day... Having nothing to do and being immersed into the dark is such a great condition to go deeper in meditation and to get more and more transparant with my inner life. The dark room was very clean, spacious, comfortable and perfect. Juergen and Deborah are great hosts, I felt very taken care for. Lots of gratitude for this experience!

The dark room was for me a very deep experience which brought me back intimately to the heart.


Being alone with no external distractions opened the doors of infinity wide and profoundly changed my perception of reality.

It was a very intense experience that transformed my vision of myself and the outside world.


Darkness offers this possibility to return to the source, the echoes continue to accompany me and bring me great strength at all times.

Thanks to Déborah and Jürgen for their welcome and their presence.


What a magical experience it was staying in the  darkness! Meditation went so much deeper. Deborah and Jürgen cared for me with kindness and they serve a divine delicious cuisine :)  


I can’t imagine better dark rooms anywhere else and better hosts in fact. Deborah and Juergen have created a beautiful and safe haven where I felt completely at home. I highly recommend this place to anyone looking to dive within! Thank you!


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