My Background


Here is an overview of my journey so far and my influences. I am infinitely grateful to each of these places, and to all the people who transmit teachings formally and simply through their way of living. In each place I was able to collect a few seeds of wisdom that were sown on my path and that keep on growing and unfolding beautifully.

Meditation Influences


San Francisco Zen Center, Tassajara Mountain Retreat and Green Gulch Farm, California (Zen Buddhist Centres)

Initiation to meditation and various workshops

Spirit Rock, an insight meditation center (mindfulness) California


Theravada Buddhist Monastery Wat Pa Tam Wua, Thailand

Vipassana meditation retreat 

Hatha Yoga Influences

Hridaya Yoga, Mexico and France

Hatha Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training Course


A number of silent meditation retreats

Mahadevi Ashram, Guatemala

Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course (200h)

Vinyasa Flow Yoga Studio"Yoga to the People", San Francisco (United States)

 Iyengar Yoga Institute, San Francisco (United States)

Integral Yoga Institute, San Francisco (United States)

Ananda Ashram Ubud, Bali