Free Mini Workshop (in French):
Saturday June 20 from 5PM to 6:30PM
Introduction to Meditation
How to set up a daily personal practice

Content of the workshop

Combining theory with practice , we will see how to set up a personal practice of daily meditation. During confinement, many of you got started, and I suggest you continue on this great streak! Meditating daily will prove to be a real support of every day, teaching us to cultivate resiliencecompassion, harmony and serenity and helping us to refocus.

We will explore together:

  • Different meditation postures

  • Warm-up and relaxation exercises to prepare for meditation

  • Several meditation practices from different contemplative traditions, which we will experience together

  • Tips and recommendations to set up and persevere with your daily practice

The workshop will be participative and will aim to give you basic tools so that you can continue and deepen your exploration of meditation at your own pace.

Practical information

Level: this workshop is for beginners or people who have already started to meditate a little on their own, and who wish to deepen and diversify their practice.


Price: Free!


Online course: You can follow this workshop from home directly via the online platform Zoom. To find out how to download and use Zoom, click here.