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"Yesterday I was clever, and I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, and I change myself."
- Rumi -



Weekly class on Saturday mornings (in French for now) to begin your weekend feeling centered, rested and energized!

"Merge together the

energies of the heart and body "


3 Months Program



A complete program to explore , deepen and structure your meditation practice at home, supported by group dynamics and the guidance of a teacher (in French for now :-)


Déborah Blin

I am a yogini who meditates and lives in the countryside ...


Six years ago, I was living in San Francisco, California, and was working in the cultural and artistic field running a small theater company. Through art, I was looking for some answers to the many fundamental questions that relentlessly kept coming back to me: what is this world? What is this life? How to live it? My encounter with yoga and meditation was a wonderful relief as for the first time I was confronted with traditions that delved head-on into this mystery and offered practices and philosophies seeped in experience that allow us to engage in this exploration.


In 2016, I left my job and my city of adoption to follow a Hatha Yoga teacher training course in Guatemala, and from then on, my life did a summersault! Deeply touched by the teachings I received there and my first silent meditation retreat, I continued to travel through Central America and Asia, with a thirst for more learning and more exploring. This journey was just as much an inner journey (and frankly, what travelling is not?) and led me to discover different spiritual traditions with their particular approaches, but which were all pointing at the same "moon"… from the Theravada Buddhist Thai monastery, to the Balinese yogic Ashram, and above all the Hridaya Yoga and Meditation center in Mexico, with which I remained affiliated after I returned to France, helping to open their French center near Lyon. It was at Hridaya Yoga that I followed my second teacher training.


I now live in a small village in the Beaujolais hills of the Lyon countryside, in France, next to the Hridaya Yoga center where I teach Yoga and Meditation. Besides, I offer private and group yoga and meditation lessons. In-between enjoying my vegetable garden, cooking, taking walks and singing, I try to simplify my life more and more, to practice, to cultivate mindfulness at all times and to give more and more room for what is essential to grow.

My approach

My approach is holistic and very much based on experience. It is rooted in the simplicity of being, the joy of practice, and mindfulness. Above all, it is spiritual. Because yoga just like meditation in all their various forms have always been ways of awakening which make us go to the heart of our being, exploring our depths and unearthing hidden treasures there...


"Hrid Akasha" expresses this, meaning in Sanskrit "the infinite space of the heart", the heart being understood here as the essence of our being, our true self, without masks, without disguise, what deep down makes us say and feel intimately that "I am ".


In these vast spaces we dive with curiosity, discovering the magic of the present moment, learning to cultivate detachment, acceptance, serenity, and altruism. My classes are oriented in this way, to allow you to begin and deepen this exploration, which to me is the most beautiful, the most fascinating and ultimately the most natural of all: exploring who we are.


Hatha Yoga allows you to reconnect with yourself. The practice that I guide is contemplative, internalised, rooted in tradition and spiritual, posting us towards our essential nature. We hold the postures (the asanas) in order to explore them from inside, and thus develop an intimate knowledge of the body and its energies. Beyond its physical aspect, yoga acts holistically on the entire being, bringing more harmony, dynamism and groundedness.


Through Hatha Yoga, we learn to cultivate an attitude of presence, mindfulness and deep listening at all times.


In all contemplative traditions, meditation is a way of awakening, that sheds light on the fundamental questions of our existence: what is this world? and this life? In meditation, instead of externalising this quest and exploring the world around us, we curve our gaze inward, and wonder at the primary element which is within our reach and accessible, that seems to be so tangible and undeniable: the Self. This being that we are, endowed with consciousness.


Therefore, meditation takes us on an inner journey, and initiates us in a very intimate and personal process that cannot be anything else than unique for each one of us, as it stems directly  from one's practice and experience.



Feedback on the 3-days Silent Meditation Retreat in April



Every second was an incredible discovery.

The calm, smile, conciseness, and ease of expression and explanation of Deborah made the moment magical. Don' t change anything !


It was a great pleasure to discover this deepening through Yoga, a total calming occurred to me. You really have to let go in order to come closer to yourself! This experience meant so much for us, especially during this period of confinement!


This experience was extremely enriching and allowed me to bring more meaning to my practice of yoga and meditation. I now have precious tools to continue this practice in the best conditions possible, oriented towards the Heart.


I really love the way that Deborah teaches. She explains in such a simple and graspable way such abstract concepts, while transmitting grace, gentleness, kindness and empathy. It touches and pleases me.



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